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  1. https://robertsspaceindustries.com/spectrum/community/SC Above is a link to the comms app Spectrum I did it within this but apologies I cannot remember where
  2. As long as you didn't end up in prison again 🤣
  3. Excellent mining operation this evening chaps, thank you
  4. Apologies for the delay in accepting
  5. Nice 👍 Is my job description 'tea boy' ?
  6. Guess we need to stop trading please see short vid by Mr Digthat
  7. Mining in the mole works Being interdicted by AI was interesting not sure it would have been in a vanilla upgraded ship We need to solve the joint quantum jump probs we are having and find some reasonable profit trade runs for the smaller ships
  8. Guess what griefer at Port Ollisar put your rear shields at max
  9. Forming up at Ollisar?
  10. Downloading One question - is the Freelancer still in your inventory?
  11. I have found a mod that is useful in editing it lets you search uniform and equipment items very easily This would make editing to produce a multi national team with different pieces of kit much much easier I will find it later today
  12. If using a Helo for insertion what is your preference? Blackhawk, Merlin, MH6 maybe Puma?
  13. Maybe a good job you made the Cat ship purchase now then 👍
  14. Now you have to earn a fortune to fill it 🤣
  15. 3CB sounds about right, I have watched a lot of Jester814's youtube vids and BAF units have featured often, I know there are RH and ACE variants
  16. Excellent idea, i couldn't agree more regarding the mod choices and the futuristic vanilla game however the BAF mods are excellent Now I need to practice with an SU in one game, choppers and fps shooting in another, learn the new flight model and everything else new in Star Citizen and still find time to craft seasoned wood in Naval Action so Forrester doesn't kill me FYI the internet connection in the wifes Flat in St.Ives is better than the one at home
  17. Just the freebies P Thanks Hunter
  18. Got game, will attempt to practice If there are any youtube vids that are recomended a linky would be nice I like to watch vids during my lunch break
  19. Thanks to Gunthar for the fun multi crewing a Mole mining ship 👍
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