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  1. After the first failed attempts to log in the patch appears ok, no initial problems with missions etc and no loss of inventory 👍
  2. I love being right it such a rare event 🤣 I will attempt to knock it off with all the negative vibes, fingers crossed this is a good patch
  3. FYI the .4 update is possibly coming around the 18th November
  4. Now we have upgraded our Quantum drives and can get around quicker the starting location you choose is less important than it was, we will have to get your and Pittdogs ships upgraded what ship does he have? For your Constellation you need an XL-1 drive the easiest place to get it is in the Platinum Bay shop in Port Tressler above Microtech you will need 94,500 credits so I have just sent you 500,000 ingame.
  5. I don't see Pittdog in the Org yet Halli do you need any help? FYI the current patch is as buggy as hell, hopefully the next one will be better
  6. You drive these in first person? How long are the trips? Nice pics BTW 👍
  7. Finally worked out how to add Sla1n to the LOSC org Org - Admin - Recruitment - Invitations - search name and send invite
  8. Fan Control https://github.com/rem0o/fancontrol.releases Jayztwocents guide https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uDPKVKBMQU8&t=664s I have been messing about with my fan control recently, since I found this I have been able to uninstall 3 programs that cannot do what just this 1 program can do.
  9. https://uexcorp.space/refining_job Another mining tool
  10. Apologies for face palming the ship and shooting the friendly AI, I should have gone to bed earlier 😎
  11. Following Loudguns guide to mining this is the loudout for the Mole multicrewed miner WIP Turret 1 - Lancet MH2 laser with Surge in slot 1 Brandt in slot 2 and Stampede in slot 3 This is the laser below the pilots seat and is the primary or solo mining laser Turret 2 - Lancet MH2 laser with Surge in slot 1 Surge in slot 2 and Stampede in slot 3 This is setup to be the big rock cracker Turret 3 - Helix II with 3 times XTR modules This is the extraction laser these permanant modules give a 150% extraction buff Guide https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lTI8N7NnxsM&t=1450s SOP Be within 40M from the first rock being broken pull back a little to about 90-100M to break smaller rocks Surge module should be used when solo mining to give a very large initial boost to charge level Brandt module is used for increasing stability Stampede module is used to increase charge rate
  12. Jets are not my bag but will have to watch this vid
  13. Ingame settings guide https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fYEv4MUae0Q
  14. Paid for with assistance 👍 Experimentation with mining has begun 😄
  15. Latest comprehensive (LONG) mining guide for Prospector and Mole by Loudguns https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lTI8N7NnxsM
  16. I had a thought that maybe a character reset might fix my connie so I did so yesterday
  17. I don't know what to say it's just so sad. God save the King.
  18. Personally I think one ROC is plenty, 1 x transport + 1 x ROC + another for either scouting or breaking rocks with a Prospector
  19. That works, I have some way to go before having the credits for a mole 👍
  20. It took longer to kick the wife out of my office
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